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רקע הרים
The logo of 'Galilee Conversations'

Galilean conversations - a secular 'beit midrash'

Hagut Institute conducted as part of the activities of 'Beit Midrash in the Galilee' - in order to connect the rich chain of Jewish thought to educational endeavors. To illuminate his spiritual wealth
Of the secular-liberal current and to develop the mutual fertilization of the civic, academic and educational discourse.

The community of students at our 'Beit Midrash', which was established in 2017, has dozens of members. The Beit Midrash holds in-depth philosophical sessions alongside experiential study in preparation for Shabbat and holidays and community activities.  

Meetings of the community in the Galilee are filmed as part of a project to develop a secular midrash study database for educators throughout the country.

You are welcome to watch our YouTube channel Discourse in the Galilee. (Hebrew)

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