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'Fighting for 'independence

Indifference led to disaster - Israel must go back to its ruts 

"The Spirit of Independence" 


We aim to revitalize and strengthen the discourse of education and social norms in both Israel and the diaspora communities. Our mission is to inspire a new generation of volunteers who share a love for Israel, to work together towards creating and sharing messages that embody the spirit of the Israeli declaration of independence.


This initiative stems from our belief that the current state of affairs has led to an identity crisis within the nation, as political stagnation, religious fanaticism, separatism, and indifference have undermined democratic values and resulted in a terrible disaster.


Our goal is to encourage individuals to take action and embrace the spirit and values outlined in Israel's Declaration of Independence.


We believe that by outlining a peaceful future, defining permanent borders for Israel and using military force when necessary, we can ensure that Israeli Jewish humanistic values are upheld across all aspects of society - from fundamental laws to core curriculums taught in kindergartens and schools.


We must make a promise not only to ourselves but also to those who have been lost or hurt along the way: never again will we ignore reality. Together, we will reach out to every community, school, or living room - both within Israel and across the diaspora - in order to strengthen our collective spirit of independence and ensure a brighter future for all.

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