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Find your way around, connect events and texts, fall in love with the culture: 

In order to stand on the richness of the Jewish creation, orientation is required. The transformations approach enables spatial recognition alongside personal assessment - where am I in relation to all this? In what context were the things written (Tract of Avot, Joseph's stories, Qumran scrolls and more),   When was Halacha created? What was the status of women in different periods? What is the connection between the empires that were in the Land of Israel and the culture of the Jews?    


These questions are the tip of the iceberg that emerges from the process. The educators among us will be able to think from this about the development of a significant education - onA rich development of a holidayorInterdisciplinary teachinggood. 

What can I do with it? 

Knowledge and orientation in culture are an essential element for every educator. Knowing transformations creates for us layers of meaning in each holiday - and thus the preparation processes for the holidays can be enriched: understanding the events or origins of the holiday and deciphering the meaning of the symbols in their proper context.

Also - an understanding of transformations creates a more significant affinity between the works of culture - which are actually school subjects!   Literature  is always written in a certain context - so is the literature of the Bible, Tractates in the Mishnah, or medieval poetry. A view of law develops and changes depending on the context - so does the perception of human status, and the proper social structure (citizenship), and historical events are related in thought (philosophy) and regional transformations. Everything is connected. So transformations are a tremendous opportunity for building axes Pedagogics for the development of interdisciplinary teaching - foundation forHumanistic education.

The process requires adjustment in scope and emphasis. 

At the "Hagut Institute" educators and academics are field experts with extensive experience. We will be happy to be at your disposal and assist you in adapting content to development processes and training towards a vision, or a special interdisciplinary program. 

You can get to know some of the experts in the leading team of the Goth Institute.. 

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