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Study materials for holidays

Why should we celebrate cultural holidays? 

Holidays are a human idea whose purpose is to confirm a time order and instill values. That is why a holiday is important for every person, in every community and no one has a monopoly on the meaning of Jewish holidays.

The symbols of the holiday are a code shared by all parts of Jewish society. Judaism is essentially pluralistic, there is not and never has been one Jewish view. The same symbol can be used by different people and groups in the nation - in a variety of interpretations. 

A secular holiday is not contrary to its origin - but expresses a positive attachment to culture out of a belief in the sovereignty of man and his creation. 


תמונה של סוכה וילדים

A holiday strengthens meaning for the cycle of personal and communal existence: 

Belonging - shared calendar, shared rituals.

Strengthening affinity - identification with the groups values

Instilling values - tangible symbols for abstract values.


Time allowance - especially for children whose concept of time has not yet formed

Security - circulation provides a sense of protection.


Strengthening affinity by identifying with society's values can be interpreted differently by different currents in Judaism.

The 'Hagut' Institute specializes in guiding educators to instill humane values, as they are reflected in Jewish culture throughout the generations.


What values will we learn through holidays? 

Humanistic values are appropriate all year round, but holidays are an opportunity for isolation and direct engagement with a certain value.

Such as: freedom  - at Pesach, giving - at Purim, human dignity - at Shabbat, attachment to the land and ecology at Tu Bashvet and more.


How to educate for value - an abstract concept, through a holiday,

Children and teenagers need tangible symbols in order to understand the meaning of values and ideology. Rituals and customs are an opportunity to build and implement the system of symbols.

The basis of success is a custom and ritual to instill values and a sense of belonging  - touching an emotion and assimilating a positive memory.

How do you do it? How do you attribute to a symbol a social-moral-humanistic and topical and relevant meaning? 

It is appropriate to have an orderly process, which includes orientation and a unique educational discourse for each community. 

Study materials for 'Yom Kippur'.

Secular Yom Kippur (PDF file - Hebrew)

At the "Hagut Institute" educators and academics are field experts with extensive experience. We will be happy to be at your disposal and assist you in adjusting the contents and ceremonies of a holiday and a time for instilling Jewish - secular - humane values.

You can get to know some of the experts in the leading team of the Hagut Institute.. 

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