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Hagut institute Newsletter
         * Most content in Hebrew, translation is work in progress...

Leading projects in the institute

"We are Judaism" project

"The Spirit of Independence"

Hagut Institute is establishing the "Spirit of independence" project, an advocacy group based on a circle of volunteers who love Israel whose goal is to return and instill the values of the Israeli Declaration of Independence as the basis of our existence in the State of Israel.

We will work to formulate, design and share messages to influence public opinion and decision makers.

Press here to learn more...

אנשים בהפגנה

A conversation in "Kan Podcasts" about "secular Judaism" (Hebrew)

Dr. Oren Yahi-Shalom is interviewed by Yoav Krakowski

The sight of Israelis confronting each other around a Yom Kippur prayer testifies to the great rift that society is in and also to a new way of expressing secularism. Yoav Krakowski clarifies what that Jewish secularism is that until now has been defined mainly on the path of negation - what it is not - with the help of the secular rabbi Dr. Oren Yahi-Shalom, and whether it means an intra-Jewish religious war


The play FAKE :  Who wrote the Bible?  An opportunity for secular education

A Jewish-secular-democratic story in education

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