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Hagut - academic database; an eye-opening discourse examined


The "Hagut Institute" seeks to collect and encourage research that will help refine the educational discourse - the Jewish secular humanist (liberal-democratic) in Israel and the Diaspora.  

Educators in a nation-state like Israel, or educators in Jewish minorities in the Diaspora, encounter significant identity related questions every day. How should the Bible be taught? How should we treat "Judaism" in modern times? What is our attitude to literature such as "Halacha"? What is the nature of "education" versus "being educated"? What is "secularism"? "Humanism"? "Humanistic education"?
These are only a small part of the concepts that require in-depth and constant investigation


Despite increasing research on "secularism" in the last decade, this field is still considered "uncultivated" especially when it comes to Jewish secularization.  Secular embarrassments did not miss the field of education. All of these and more will affect the character of future generations. Teacher training almost completely lacks a detailed reference to interpretations of identity. Instead, the tendency to cultivate theoretical "skills" or disciplinary knowledge at the expense of education and identity design stands out.  

Israeli democracy and Jewish identity in the Diaspora depend on our ability to weave humanist-liberal-democratic values (concepts that themselves wait for comparisons and refinement) with the heritage of Israel. The nature of this affinity affects and will affect the image of Israel as a democracy and the richness of the identity of the Jews in the Diaspora, as sons and daughters of the Jewish people.  How is "meaningful learning" possible without meaningful education and identity?  


All of these are good reasons for encouraging rich academic discourse, in order to influence what is happening in the field of education in Israel and the Diaspora. Here you will be exposed to an expanding pool of research, and depending on the rate of resource mobilization we will be happy to publish as scholarships for various studies, subject to the guidelines designed by an academic staff at the 'Hagut' Institute.

Feel free to suggest items for the expanding database - please send information to

Our Academic team:

  • Dr. Asher Shakdi. Hebrew University. Pedagogical development, Bible teaching, qualitative research methodologies.

  • Dr. Gili Kugler. University of Haifa. Humanistic teaching of the Bible.

  • Dr. Boaz Setavi. Kibbutzim seminar (and teacher). History and Bible teaching.

  • Dr. Iris Yaniv. Oranim. Bible teaching. Dr. Hagit Bar-Tal. Kibbutzim seminar (and teacher). Bible study.

  • Dr. Oren Yahi-Shalom. University of Haifa. Philosophy of education - humanistic and interdisciplinary education.

  • Roy Lidsky (linguistic editing)

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