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פנייה בווטצאפ

Lectures and workshops for educational institutions

Variety of materials in deferent fields

Israeli deceleration of independence

New!    the Declaration of Independence

In view of the need In the discourse on the values of the Declaration of Independence, we built a variety of lesson plans for parents and teachers - elementary, middle school and high school. 

דף תורה
לוח גזר  בציור

Interdisciplinary humanistic pedagogy

Assistance in the development of school programs based on orientation in Israeli culture and the assimilation of tools for building a pedagogical axis that enables the integration of a variety of teaching tools.

Bible now

Multilayer observation of the Bible,

The stories, the ideas

And the most daring messages of the book

Towards a holiday

Be exposed and familiar with the layers and symbols of each holiday. Recognize Judaism as a culture to celebrate wholeheartedly. 

נפתלי הרץ וייזל
הרצאה מורה נבוכים

Changes in Israeli culture

Connecting the best Jewish works with the great events of the people of Israel: archeology, history, the Bible, literature and more - to "see the forest". 

Stations in secular thought

A fascinating series of thoughts, from Alexandrian Philo through Rambam Spinoza and the best thinkers of education to this day. 

'The Guide for the Perplexed' from a secular angle

Familiarity with the teachings of Rambam and the summit of his thought - 'The Guide for the Perplexed', as a basis for secular thought. 

Tools for Advanced Humanistic Secular Education

Educators of all ages and backgrounds,  Tired of running after the stuff? Want to focus on education, but are undecided on how to do it significantly?

It's time to get to know the "Institute of Thought" and the Jewish humanist education that will allow you to spread your wings and develop significant educational content for yourself, based on orientation in Judaism as a culture and at its core wonderful humanistic values. Without getting confused and without getting idle.


Humanism is a worldview associated with different pedagogies.  If we believe that there is truth, but it is not in our hands, then a constant dialogue is required to clarify the truth. And here are dialogues, it is an acquired skill  In humanistic education.


Values education is bound to be meaningful and relevant, values do not just stand in the air. Each culture has its own unique content. It enables the existence of values. So on the one hand humanistic values are universal, but on the other hand, they depend on orientation in a particular culture, at least one, to realize them.  

Hence there is a connection between knowledge and value education.


It is no coincidence that we study the Bible, civic literature and more. These are different aspects of human works, so physics and biology are the result of human discoveries about nature. Hence the natural sciences are also part of humanistic learning.

Is it appropriate to study these subjects separately?  Humanistic education places the person at the center as a goal, therefore  Strives for wholeness - that is, to look at the versatility of human works. Hence the connection between humanistic and multidisciplinary education.


Hagut Institute employs the best researchers and pedagogical supervisors, who together bring together a variety of process tools that will allow you to truly educate. That is, to develop programs unique to you and the educational institution in which you operate, in a Jewish-secular-humanist spirit.

Israeli holidays, midrashic study, multidisciplinary teaching, human sovereignty - the trainee  - These are some of the workshops we offer to schools.

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