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תמונה  חוג בית

 Bringing knowledge to your doorstep

Building a rich secular Jewish discourse:
in the living room, at school and in the community 


Towards a busy holiday

Secular layers of Jewish holidays in preparation for a meaningful celebration in the family and community.


Changes in Israeli culture

Familiarity with the "tree" of Israeli culture while observing the tension and change that the people of Israel went through in the first three thousand years of its existence. The lectures include rich and up-to-date information in the fields of archeology, history, the Bible and literature. 

מפגש מבוא הרצאה

Introductory meeting

The spiritual challenges of secular Jewish people in Israel and the diaspora.

אחד העם.

Stations in secular thought

The roots of Jewish secularism through Jewish and European philosophy. Introduction to Philo Alexandroni, Rambam, Spinoza, Emanuel Kant Ahad Ha'am and many others. 

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